We are Carlo and Anita. Born and bred in Sicily, we are professional teachers, certified to teach Italian as a foreign language, and with many years experience. For us teaching Italian has always been a passion. It is how we met and what brought us together in the first place. And now we have been married for almost 20 years!

Teaching Italian in the classroom is undoubtedly valid and timeless. What we are offering you is something special, a different and dynamic approach.

It is a journey on which you will learn the Italian language at the same time as involving you in the life and history of Sicily, with two native Sicilians to teach and guide you as you go. You will be subject to new and unique experiences: you will be enchanted by the beauty of the island; your tastebuds will be bombarded with delicious local cuisine; you will become familiar with the beautiful sound of our language.

The trip lasts 7 days and is available for groups from 2-8 students. (Other sized groups may be possible subject to discussion).

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